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Immune System

Frequent illness can involve any of the following: infections, sore throats, headaches, colds, flu, sinus problems, allergies, cysts, tumors, growths, stress, weakness, etc. All of these are a product of a low immune system. And the more antibiotics we take, the more dependent we become on them and the weaker we become. Our bodies are more than able to heal themselves in most cases; however, without the proper nutrients that promote self-healing, we have incredible concerns. To build up the immune system, we must first remove the toxins and poisons that are trapped in our colon, liver and kidneys. Once we have “flushed” out the harmful properties, a program rich in vitamins and minerals that works to build up the heart and lungs, and all the other bodily functions will allow the body to heal and then maintain good health. Try These!

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