10 Day Detox Colon Cleanse


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Will Your COLON Kill YOU?

  • The #2 Killer in America is COLON CANCER.

If a person eats three meals but has only one bowel movement per day, where are the other two meals?  A new mother can tell you about her infant’s elimination habits – infants will eat and eliminate immediately.  That’s because the newborn’s digestive system is still clean and the colon is healthy.  Putrefied fermented waste matter can be accumulated in the colon for more than 20 years.  When John Wayne died, his colon weighed nearly 80 pounds!!!

Try this!

Slim Z Tea (5) Weight- loss tea bags, helps aid in digestion and eliminate the storage of excess calories and toxins.

(4 capsules in a pack) – (10) packs of colon cleanse, designed to free mucous build-up and helps control weight loss.

Colon cleanse and Slim Z Tea is a total body detox for 10 days.

(all products are taken around dinner time)

Stage 1: Cleanse 10 Days

: Take (1) Pack of Colon Cleanse

: Steep Tea bag in boiling water for 30  minutes or longer  . One bag makes 8oz. Only drink 4oz. (Use other 4oz for the following night.)

Once you have cleansed your body, you are ready for the weight-management program. This will curb your appetite, burn fat and give you more energy.


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