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Hi, my name is Kevin.  I lost 35 lbs. and 6 inches.
My name is Stacey and I lost 25 lbs.

Hi there! My name is Sierra Taylor. January 12, 2016 I’ve started my weight loss journey weighing at 276lbs. It was self discipline, exercising daily and dieting that I had knew I needed to be consistent with. I cut out fast foods, soda, sweets and eating too late at night, increased my water intake into an gallon a day, meal prepping a week and work out twice a day. So, I was seeing major results as the months went by and I must say the gym became my best friend!! Like before self motivation is the key and your dieting is just as in important. The month of May I weighed in at 205lbs and I just couldn’t seem to drop my weight as quickly before when I first started my journey. I was introduced to Fit and Slim Center! Now, as of August 8, 2016 I currently weigh 180lbs.

Hello my name is Krystal and I have been using the fit and slim products for over two years now.  And I promised Karen I would send some before and after pictures. These products work!

After playing college football, I blew up to 275lbs and after awhile it become tougher to shed pounds with just working out alone. When I added the Slim Z Tea and Mega Fast Plus, I lost an additional 40lbs….I continue to take the Slim Z Tea and I am now 205lbs! Highly recommended!

My name is Mary Vaughn. I was introduced to Fit and Slim by a co-worker. I started the Starter Kit of  March of 2011 and to date, I have lost 44lbs. I still need to loose 10lbs more to reach my goal. Went from size 18 to size 12.

I began my plan on March 26, 2011, and on my birthday April 29th 2011, I had noticed such a dramatic change in my looks. I had lost 18 pounds and I feel great.  I am continuing on my program and hope to have even better pictures for you soon.

I was a 20, but now I’m an 18. I did cleanse my body and that was a big part of it. Drink lots of water and stay focused on what you eat and weight loss will happen. I wish I’d started the carb blockers in time because that would have helped me even more. I’m still big, not the size I want to be but I’m getting there with the body wraps. I love them!!  I’ve tried everything on the market from $5.00 to $100.00 and I found nothing that kept the weight off. I will continue to cleanse and wrap, it’s my favorite. I got started late with the program, went on vacation for a week, bill got in my way and still lost one dress and pant size. I got some ways to go but I’m happy, happy, happy!

 When I do a cleanse I always lose between seven to ten pounds. To go along with the cleanse, I also get a Body Wrap once a week and that helps to burn away calories along with fat and to tone and tighten me up. I also use the Mega Fast diet pill from Fit & Slim and using the pill has helped me out tremendously. I lost so many pounds on that alone and I will always take the Mega Fast as long as the company keeps supplying them. Basically, Fit & Slim products are safe and effective because I’m a prime example that Fit & Slim products can help you become fit and slim.

I have lost 105 pounds and came from a dress size 28 to a 14. I am now able to get out of bed with no pain and I walk over three miles, thanks to Be Fit and Slim I feel great.

I have lost 105 pounds and came from a dress size 28 to a 14. I am now able to get out of bed with no pain and I walk over three miles, thanks to Be Fit and Slim I feel great.



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