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I had fat stored in my arms, stomach and a lot of cellulite in my thighs,
I continue to take MegaShape and Slim Z Tea to keep the fat off of the body.
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"Thanks to some of our customers over the years!"
God bless!

Off all my medications:
High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol,
Diabetes A1C from 9.8 to 5.7


Karen's Interview
10-Day Cleanse
Mega Fast GOLD
SlimZ Tea
Starter Kit

Health & Wellness

Body System
Fit and Slim has taken natural herbs (plants as food), combined them and formulated them in such a way that their potency is guaranteed. They use a process of such a high degree (called Standardization), that ensures you are getting the highest quality of product available. Then they make everything user friendly by identifying them as supplements for specific systems of the body: Respiratory, Cardiovascular; Reproductive; Digestive; Immune; Metabolism; etc. How many of us know how to eat in such a way that makes our metabolism burn fat? 90% of all Americans do not!.
Circulatory System
Anyone with concerns about varicose veins, blood pressure or cholesterol; difficulty with focusing their attention or poor memory; who has a high stress lifestyle, or doesn’t get enough exercise has need of a program that will strengthen the heart, improve circulation, build up the cell linings of the veins, improve collagen, increase metabolism, reduce stress levels, improve alertness and concentration, and increase stamina and endurance.
Energy & Weight
7 out of 10 people are overweight, while 3 out of 10 are watching theirs. In 1983, Weight-Loss was a $16 billion industry. Today, Weight-Loss is a $40-50 billion industry and “growing”. If the programs on the market were working, the industry should not have the tremendous growth that it has. How many of us know how to eat in such a way that makes our metabolism burn fat? 90% of all Americans do not and that is one of the main reasons for weight problems. What is needed is a program that begins with cleansing the body’s systems. Once the body is able to deal with healthy nutrition, the second stage is food supplementation that burns fat, suppresses the appetite, provides healthy energy along with vitamins and minerals, and also builds lean muscle mass and improves the metabolism and thyroid health.

Immune System
Frequent illness can involve any of the following: infections, sore throats, headaches, colds, flu, sinus problems, allergies, cysts, tumors, growths, stress, weakness, etc. All of these are a product of a low immune system. And the more antibiotics we take, the more dependent we become on them and the weaker we become. Our bodies are more than able to heal themselves in most cases; however, without the proper nutrients that promote self-healing, we have incredible concerns. To build up the immune system, we must first remove the toxins and poisons that are trapped in our colon, liver and kidneys. Once we have “flushed” out the harmful properties, a program rich in vitamins and minerals that works to build up the heart and lungs, and all the other bodily functions will allow the body to heal and then maintain good health.

Intestine System
All of us have petted animals, gone barefoot, drunk from water fountains, shaken hands with others, and, obviously, breathe air and eat food. These are all ways by which parasites enter our bodies! Because these parasites live and breed in our colon, we are all affected in various ways: frequent illness, body odor or bad breath, lowered immune system, difficulty digesting red meats and/or dairy products, depression/irritability, yeast/fungus problems, and slowed metabolism which leads to obesity. The following program will kill the parasites, cleanse the colon, provide the enzymes to digest food properly, and supply the vitamins and minerals to strengthen the body, allowing the Intestinal System to run smoothly and without discomfort.

Fit & Slim Diet Plan
7AM Bran Cereal low fat or skim milk. Glass of water (8oz).

9AM One whole fruit. (i.e., banana, apple, slice of watermelon).

Noon (4oz) skinless chicken, turkey, or fish (bake or broil). 1 serving of salad or veggies, fat free dressing. Glass of water (8oz).

3PM One whole fruit. (i.e., grapes, orange, almonds no salt).

6PM (4oz) skinless chicken, turkey, or fish (bake or broil). 1 serving of salad or veggies, fat free dressing. Glass of water (8oz).

9PM (8oz) Non-fat yogurt


* Remember to plan meals weekly* and exercise daily for 15 minutes to keep you strong.

About Us

Excellent Results
We, at Fit and Slim, are committed to helping you succeed with our all natural standardized, guaranteed potency Health and Weight Loss Program. We are a 20 year old Health and Weight Loss company committed to provide you with the finest cutting edge Weight Loss products available today. We are absolutely confident that you will lose your extra pounds and inches if you make the commitment to use the products.

Your answer to safe, effective weight loss!!

Our products are your solution to a safe and effective way to lose those unwanted pounds. The products contain standardized vitamins, minerals and all natural herbs to promote better health and support the body to lose. We back this up with a 30 day money back guarantee!!

Why Our Weight Loss Program is #1!

⦁ Helps clean the colon of junk!
⦁ Tightens and builds body muscle as you lose!
⦁ Burns body fat to make your inches and pounds disappear!
⦁ Destroys sugar… takes away those cravings for sweets and high fat foods!
⦁ Normalizes your appetite so that you eat less!
⦁ Provides energy so that you will want to do more!
⦁ Helps you change your eating habits!
⦁ Helps promote healthy metabolism!
⦁ Easy to use!
⦁ Offers free consultations!
⦁ 100% guaranteed Potency!
⦁ World Class Herbs – Standardized!
⦁ Provides all the nutritional requirements that you may not be getting currently!
⦁ This program Is Designed To Fit Your Desire and Budget!!

The #2 Killer in America is Colon Cancer. Nearly every disease can be traced to a toxic colon. Food elimination should only take 18-24 hours, yet the average person takes 3-4 days, you can store between 10 to 70 pounds of waste in the colon because of the toxic buildup. Breast, Prostate, Diabetes and Heart Diseases begin in the colon.

10-Day Cleanse…soothes, cleanses and detoxifies your body with a simple combination of four capsules. Each capsule is designed to supplement and fortify the other. All experts agree by getting more Dietary Fiber it can prevent or possibly reverse diseases.

Weight Management

MegaShape…gives your body nutrition, structures your eating habits and reduces the craving for foods that are not good for you. The product is designed to decrease your appetite so that you naturally start choosing foods that are healthy (low in fat and low in sugar) it literally supercharges your weight loss results by blocking fat and converting existing fat to lean muscle. This weight loss plan gives the NO will power person total control.

It also attacks stubborn fat and cellulite in the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. It will also reduce inches quickly and has a product that blocks 75% of the fat food from being stored in your body. This is the fast way to lose!

You will have Fit and Slim as your Personal Consultant to guide you to success!

After trying a number of weight loss failures from not eating to working out at the gym, we found a nutritionally sound solution to weight loss. After getting results from the products, family and friends noticed and I began to show them how to get these same great results. It became increasingly more rewarding to see people’s health improve, while reaching their weight loss goals. This joy prompted us to dedicate our life to help you succeed too! We will do this by:

Ensuring you get off to a good start on the weight loss program.

Answer you questions, concerns and to determine your progress

Ensuring you have products at your convenience to continue the program without interruptions.

We have a 96.6% permanent weight loss success rate!! Once you have reached your weight loss goal, we know that you will never want to go there again. For 11 years, millions have successfully maintained their weight with our products. The maintenance program is easy, convenient, economical and can be personalized to address your specific needs.

Reducing The Financial Impact On You!

We have a sincere interest in helping you succeed. We want to do all I can to reduce the financial impact on your budget. Please take advantaged of all, to reduce your cost while you strive to reach your weight loss goals.

We need the following from you in order for you to be successful:

A serious and committed effort to using the products. You have to want to do this for you!!

A realization that your health is just as important as your job, your children, your social activities and anything else in your life.

A commitment to weight and measuring yourself weekly in order to stay motivated.

So do not put off getting to the size you want any longer! we have the solution!!

Call me at 301 749-1580, if you have questions or wish to get started today.


Fit and Slim

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can pick up products in OFFICE!
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ALL other days are appointment ONLY!

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